Before  After

I cut my hair on Saturday… and got sick and started vomiting a little after taking the second pic. (◞‸◟;) Now I’m feeling well again though!

Because I don’t feel like sleeping yet, let me present things I’ve been drawing during lectures. 

Some how I always end up photographing my dolls when I’m sick. (◞ヮ◟;)

Today they were studying.

 photo st3.png

Leija didn’t quite like it…

 photo st3.png photo st3.png

Tommi and Susu can concentrate better…

 photo st3.png

…though Leija tries to steal their attention with stupid glasses.

 photo st3.png

"Seriously you losers don’t think this is fun at all?!"

I had a fun Saturday night and Sunday morning + day with my friends. Alina got back from London to Finland for three weeks and that’s awesome! Unfortunately on Sunday I had to leave early to home because of school work and my flu. But I seriously had so much fun and I needed it after all that crap what’s been up to lately. Now I’m just so happy! ♥

The first two photos are from last Friday when I was walking around the city waiting my sister to arrive to Helsinki and the last is from this Friday when I was doing homework and happened to watch outside my window. I thought it was pretty and had my camera near.

Things I drew today during my lectures. Drawing calms me, helps me to stay focused and listen and not to daydream or fall asleep. I had a plant obsession today, I think.